Drive Culture, Productivity
and Collaboration​

Unipos is a recognition and engagement suite which helps you build a more connected and productive organisation

    • Drive Culture & Values

      Organically spread culture, vision and company values even in a remote setup.​

    • Promote Recognition & Collaboration​

      Celebrate small and big wins and fuel collaboration across your organisation.​

    • Gain Strategic Insights

      Learn more about your people and make more strategic decisions with extensive, easy-to-use people analytics.

  • A recognition suite your people want to use

    Unipos’ sleek and intuitive design means it’s quick and easy to get your people set up. Our proven combination of gamified recognition, awards, detailed personal profiles and an extensive rewards marketplace make Unipos an engaging platform your teams will love.

  • Connect your people across teams, departments and locations

    Unipos’s public timeline and multi-teams functionality allow you to create a more connected, collaborative and unified workforce. And since Unipos integrates with your internal chat tools and is available on IOS and android, it’s easier than ever for your people to support each other.

  • The overview you need to build a more strategic organisation

    Unipos’ Talent Lab people analytics allow you to stay tuned in to your organisation in real time. We provide an accessible dashboard and quantitative data on numerous organisation issues such as engagement, collaboration and value transmission, so that you can make better decisions for your people.

    • Comms Integration

    • Unipos integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it even easier to recognise your people.

    • Android/iOS/web

    • Whatever your people's preferred platform, Unipos supports it, available as an app and in your browser.

    • Global Enterprise Primed

    • Available in multiple languages and ready to support thousands of employees, Unipos can connect your team no matter the size.

    • Security/ISO27001 GDPR

    • Unipos adheres to the strictest security and encryption methods, keeping you and your people's data safe.

    • DIY & Customisation support

    • Our Customer Success team is always on hand to help you make Unipos a success, whatever your needs.