About Us

Our Vision
Uniting people through positivity and purpose
That means creating working environments that are people-oriented and collaborative, which drive engagement by connecting people through a common goal.

How did we begin?

Unipos began back in 2013, when our CEO noticed a problem in his growing company.
The business was growing rapidly and as they scaled he felt he was losing track of his teams and his employees were beginning to leave. He needed to find a solution.
One day, they placed an empty cardboard box from the office floor in the center of the office and wrote “Discovery Award” on it.
He began encouraging his employees to recognise each other's achievements by recording them on slips of paper and placing them in the box. Every month these would be read out and celebrated by the whole company.
The effects were quickly felt. Collaboration and transparency rocketed, employee churn rate dropped and his teams were happier and more engaged than ever before. He knew he was on to something.
3 years later, in 2016, Unipos was born.
Now with offices in Berlin, Germany and Tokyo, Japan, Unipos continues to optimise workplaces worldwide
across the globe and is trusted by over 400 companies worldwide.

The Team

Unipos was created to celebrate people, and that mentality continues to characterise our team. We prize innovation, passion and dedication. We celebrate diversity and an explorer-mindset.
Our values, "Be of Service" and "Dialogue" guide us, and we prioritize collaboration, communication and continuous improvement in all of our activities.
Our global team stays connected through our common mission - to have a positive impact on workplaces and the planet.
If you're interested in joining us, find more information in our careers page.

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