Our platform allows leaders to connect and engage their people​

From employees to managers to CEOs, Unipos unites people and unlocks their potential

  • Employees use Unipos to connect to each other
    • Real-time peer recognition
    • Company-wide timeline
    • Extensive rewards marketplace​
    • Internal people directory​
    • Nominations and awards​
    • Celebratory clap function​
  • Managers use Unipos to engage their teams
    • Customisable team campaigns​
    • Direct recognition and positive feedback
    • Easy company-culture and value onboarding
    • Team collaboration dashboard
    • Extra incentive points for managers​
  • Leaders use Unipos to build stronger organisations
    • Talent Lab people analytics
    • Company-wide, 360 degree dashboards
    • Value hashtags and value transmission analytics
    • Downloadable and repurposable quantitative data​
    • Customisable user experience​
    • Extensive rewards marketplace including bonuses, gift cards, donations or custom rewards​

Motivate your people with recognition and rewards


Strengthen your organisation
with Employee Recognition

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