Thousands of employees are using Unipos to contribute directly to their company's sustainability initiatives.

Unipos’ impact so far

    • 4,278
    • trees planted
    • 4,734
    • minutes of education
    • € 818
    • donated to fight COVID-19


    • Involve your employees
      in your sustainability initiatives

      Regular reports update employees on their individual contribution towards a sustainable future.

    • Empower your people to take the lead

      Allow employees to choose the causes they want to donate toward.

    • Customise your impact

      Choose the value of every point and the SDGs those points help acheive.

    • Track your impact with monthly reporting

      Impact reports reveal the united impact of the entire company and help you with your sustainability reporting.



  • You can use Unipos for your existing sustainability initiatives or choose from one of our partners in our donation catalogue.

All of our partners value...

    • The Sustainable
      Development Goals
    • In order to achieve them by 2030, we have built our donation catalogue around the Sustainable Development Goals, making it easier to choose whichever goal you want to work towards.
    • Transparency
    • Like us, all NGOs in this catalogue value transparency. Both when supporting social causes and when assisting you in your CSR activities, we want to know your money is going to the right place. On request, we can provide you with their annual reports.
    • Local communities
    • Partnerships are a crucial component in the creation of sustainable social impact. All NGOs in our catalogue work with local and institutional partners in order to ensure and enhance impactful activities suitable for the local communities.

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