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How To Use Unipos

Here is how Unipos works!

Point System
How does the point system work?
You can send messages with virtual points on to any of your co-workers.
How to receive points
There are two ways you can receive points from your co-workers:
1) receiving messages with some points on them and 2) receiving some "claps" on messages you send / receive.
Point limits
"Points available" are the points you can send to your co-workers.
The maximum points you can send per message is 120.
When your "Points available" becomes 0, you can still send messages but no points on them. The points are reset at the end of every week, and 400 points are restored back again at the beggining of every week.You cannot carry over your remaining points to next week.
What are hashtags?
You can add # symbol before a word on your message.
Two types of hashtag
Hashtags come in two types. The first type is team hashtags, which are created by your company's Team Admin. You can find these hashtags by clicking the # button in the left corner of the posting form.
The other kind is - as your like!
By clicking a hashtag, you can see all messages with the same hashtags on them.
How to send messages
You can send messages to your co-workers by selecting their name and writing messages. And, of course, we recommend you add some points and hashtags, too! You can enjoy messages by clicking hashtags and read them on your timeline.
1. Select a message recipient
Type @ symbol, or click @ button for the autosuggest function to select your message recipient. When you type your co-workers name after @, the autosuggest function will appear, too.
2. Select points
Type the + symbol, or click the + button to for the autosuggest function. Select the number of points to send and confirm by pressing Enter. You can also type any number you like (up to 120 pts).
3. Select team hashtag / enter hashtag
Type the # symbol or click the # button for the autosuggest function. Select a hashtag and confirm it by pressing Enter.
What are reactions?
You can react to the message you received by sending back an emoji icon. Everyone in your team can see your reaction, and a notification goes to the sender.
How to send reactions
Icons are displayed on your messages. Click the emoji that best expresses your reaction.
Clapping Feature
What is Clapping Feature?
You can clap other people's messages you liked. When you click the clap icon in a message both sender and receiver gain 1 point.You can see who have clapped by move your mouse over the clapping bubble. (You cannot clap your message you sent/received.)
How to Clap
Move your mouse cursor over the hand icon and click the number of times you want to clap.
What’s the draft function?
You can keep your ideas for your posts as drafts.
Take your time to think about the content of your posts, whenever you like.
You can save up to 10 drafts.
How to save a draft
Once you choose a recipient of your post and type at least one letter in the message field,
the "Save as a draft" button appears below the Send button. Click this button to save your post as a draft.
See the saved drafts
You drafts will be available in the list of drafts.
To access this list, click "Drafts" in the sidebar.
Edit drafts
You can edit a draft from the list.
Click the three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner of the draft you want to edit. Then, you will see a button "Edit this draft."
When you click this button, you will be able to edit the content.
Discard drafts
You can discard a draft from the list.Click the three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner of the draft you want to discard. Then, you will see a button "Discard this draft."
When you click this button, you will see a pop-up screen to confirm if you really want to discard the draft. Click "Discard" to proceed.
Sending Messages via Slack
Slack posts
You can also send Unipos messages via Slack. Massages sent via Slack will appear in an identical fashion as ones from within Unipos.
*Reactions and posts cannot be deleted from Slack
How to send messages from Slack
You can send a message from Slack by typing below slash command.
/unipos @recipient + points Your message #hashtag

/unipos @john +50 Thank you so so much for your cooperation this week, we definitely wouldn't be able to win in the competition without you! Hope you get sound rest on the weekend! #Ur_my_hero
How to check your remaining points of a week
You can check your remaining points by typing below slash command.

You will receive the following reply from Slack response.
You have 200 points remaining to send this week.
Mobile App
About Our Mobile App
Unipos app is now available!

You can download it from the links below.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please consult with your Team Admin.
For any future feedbacks and requests, please contact us on Help Chat on the bottom right corner of the page. We'd appreciate your support.